Google AdWords Course

Fast Track To Get Your PPC Ads Live On Top Of Google

Why should you become an AdWords Expert?

Well, It’s no wonder that every business depend on Google as a main source for generation leads to their business. In future every business would require an dedicated PPC Consultant to create & monitor their Google Ads campaigns. Hence learning PPC will help you create employment to yourself from being at your home.
Google Ads is equally important to SEO, When you search for any potential search terms on Google. You could note that top four search results will be the ads followed by the organic results in the Google. Hence being good at Google Ads and SEO will help you lead a good career in the future just working from home.

Knowing the need of the SEO and Google Ads in the future for all the businesses. Fernando Raymond, #1 SEO Consultant in London planned to help more youngsters and business people to learn the online marketing skills. Then he created a dedicated online e-learning platform ClickDo Academy to host all type of online marketing courses. As a beginner, just have a look at our SEO Training Course and the Google Ads course, you will find more useful insights.

If you are doubting yourself in starting a career in something, then don’t hesitate to sign up for the Google Ads course today. Just learn the online marketing skills and master the Google search with the organic SEO and Google Ads.

For whom this course is for?

We don’t like to fix any constraint for our Google Ads course. Anyone can just sign up and learn the skills. You can be a fresher, a student, employee working in some other field, or can be a housewife. You can just spend some time daily on learning digital marketing skills. Once you gain the skills, straight away you can have like couple of clients and manage by your own just spending like 2 to 3 hours a day.

Course Content

Total learning: 6 lessons Time: 22 minutes



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